20/20 Vision – a book launch

20 authors have written 20 stories of the future. There are military coups, pandemics, the loss of language, questions of climate, stories set on other worlds and there are dragons. One hard working editor has collected them into the second anthology of The Australian Pen, from 1231 Publishing.

It is always exciting to be part of a book launch. The thrill of seeing the culmination of work – for a few of these authors it was the first time in print; the sense of belonging to a group, and of being part of a worthwhile project. 

(me, Nola Passmore, Delia Strange, Jeanette O’Hagan at the launch in September)

Some time ago I wrote in response to a prompt given at our writing group. What I first wrote then was a very short ‘flash’ piece. I put it away and it went no further until the opportunity came with this anthology. I retrieved that little paragraph and expanded it to become my contribution.  (Writing tip #457: do not throw away anything you write.)

So that little paragraph became ‘Ground Zero.’  Is Alex Fraser having visions of the future, of a pandemic, or is she just going crazy?

If you enjoy and good speculative or fantasy story and would like to learn more, you can find your copies of Future Vision at http://www.1231publishing.com/futurevision/

You can also read other posts from authors involved in this project at



Happy Writing, and reading, until next month when I will share adventures from the inaugural Sunshine Coast Writers Retreat.



  1. Great tip Raelene. My story in the anthology is a sequel to a flash fiction also out came from a writing prompt in a writing group 😊 Without I would probably not have started writing sci-fi. I loved reading the other stories in the anthology and enjoyed Ground Zero.

    • raelene says:

      Hi Jeanette, Love a good sequel! I have a few short stories that could be continued – perhaps there is one somewhere for the next Australian Pen anthology. There are some great stories in Future Vision. As a person who believes in Holy Writ, I liked yours too.

  2. Thanks for sharing those thoughts, Raelene. It was great to see so many of the contributors at the launch. I usually haven’t been able to attend because they’ve been interstate. I really liked your story. Will have to get the thinking caps on for the next anthology 🙂

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