Confessions of a Conference Junkie

I confess I am a writing conference junkie. I cannot deny I love flocking with like minded people on their creative journeys.

The writing life can be a lonely one, even if lived with the characters inside my head, and so to gather with other self imposed introverts, becomes a highlight of any given year.

Like a bowerbird, I collect all the pretty things of the craft and business, and I bring them back to my creative well.  I have so many memorable gems from conferences there – the interactive workshop with John Marsden at the Rainforest Writing Retreat.

Then there’s the funny dinner speech Nick Earls presented at the inaugural Boonah Writers Festival. 

I had a fan girl moment with Joanna Penn. (She’ll be a fan of mine soon!) 

And then there’s the networking with fellow creatives – that truly is a treasure. I have made many friends at these events, and if the presenters don’t lure me to a gathering, meeting up with fellow writers will get me there.

Yes, I am a proud conference junkie. I make no apology. I am sitting in my bower waiting for the next shiny thing to present itself. In the meantime, sign up to follow me on the creative journey and we might connect at a conference soon. 

You can find a list of upcoming events here:




  1. Adele Jones says:

    I do agree there’s a great deal of fun gathering for a conference. (Unfortunately I’ve not yet discovered the secret to securing decent sleep though … 🙂 ) What I also enjoy is the ongoing connections that flow over from the event. It’s a great opportunity to learn, meet fascinating people, make valuable connections and wonderful friends. Perhaps being a conference junkie isn’t such a bad habit? 😉

    • raelene says:

      Thanks for visiting, Adele. Yes. All of the above. I couldn’t do without all the amazing friends I have made at such events. See you at another one soon! Perhaps I will get to Toowoomba next year. That’s one I’ve not been to.

  2. Well actually, I do believe we met at a conference – one you helped organise The Rivercity conference. I love conferences too and there a few that I hope to get to one day when time! Finances and family responsibilities allow.

    • raelene says:

      Yes, I remember it was that conference where we met. The connections made that day are still on going for a number of people. Family commitments and finances are the conference busters for me too. Glad to see you are going to Omega though.

  3. Hi Raelene – Thanks for re-posting that list. I’m a conference junkie too, but I’m not as flash with cash as I used to be. I’m going to the Omega conference and have signed up for a masterclass at USQ Bookcase. Would love to do a workshop or two at the Brisbane Writers Festival too, but will have to see how I go. We’ll be okay once our blockbuster bestsellers come out though. Dozens of conference then 🙂

    • raelene says:

      Hi Nola, yes, my finances have to be reigned in this year too. I’ve not seen the BWF program yet. I guess once we have blockbuster best sellers, we’ll be glad to have a break from the round of conferences!!

    • raelene says:

      Yes, it’s the face to face meetings that help get me out of my own head of imagined characters to the real world! Thanks for visiting, Jathan.

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